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Custom Prosthetics - Peripheral Vascular Associates

Custom Prosthetics


As a leader in comprehensive vascular care, Peripheral Vascular Associates now offers a full service prosthetic clinic.

PVA prosthetics provides the latest in prosthetic care using state of the art CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) equipment. This technology allows us to provide a truly unique experience with greater efficiency, accuracy, and comfort than was previously possible.


Advancements in prosthetic technology over the last decade have greatly improved outcomes for the amputee; it’s how that technology is applied that makes us unique. In most cases, patients are fit with a diagnostic device and are taking steps in as little as 1-hour.
By fitting patients in a timely manner, we are able to minimize the effects of deconditioning that occur following amputation and maximize the benefits of post surgical rehabilitation. Patients outcomes are markedly reduced when they are sedentary in the weeks or months it takes for many prosthetic facilities to fabricate a functional device. By providing a functional diagnostic device immediately to be used in physical therapy, we maintain the continuum of care. Since December 2011, PVA patients can come to the office in a wheelchair in the morning and leave in the afternoon walking out on a prosthetic leg.

Team Approach

We know well the challenges that amputees face and have the expertise to meet those challenges and exceed our patients’ expectations. Our “team approach” to prosthetics allows us to work directly with your vascular doctor for a seamless, highly individualized continuum of care. We are well versed in all aspects of prosthetics and have participated in research and beta-testing for some of the most innovative companies in the industry. Our passion for what we do and PVA’s commitment to outstanding patient care, have combined to create a truly unique patient experience.

  • Jeff Forbes, LPA, BOCP, LPTA - Peripheral Vascular Associates

    Jeff Forbes, LPA, BOCP, LPTA


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    Stan Vydrzal, CP, LP


PVA Physicians

PVA physicians welcome referrals from patients, therapists, community agencies, hospital discharge planners,insurance companies, physicians, and any other health care professional. Read the New York Times article “A Once-Unthinkable Choice for Amputees”.

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