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Vascular testing is key to diagnose and track vascular disease.

The studies performed are essentially painless and risk-free. They provide physiologic and anatomic information necessary for the accurate diagnosis and treatment of vascular pathology. These studies are safer and more cost-effective than invasive diagnostic tests.

We collect a combination of information about the patients anatomy and their disease process specifically by measuring the physiologic effects on the body.
These tests are often performed before the patient even sees the doctor to expedite decision making. We do, however, provide same day testing. Vascular tests are also often performed on a follow up schedule in order to track the outcome of medical or surgical treatment of vascular disease and to avoid the complications of vascular disease such as stroke or amputation.


Our lab was the first lab Accredited by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories (ICAVL) in the state of Texas and we maintain this accreditation every 3 years.

Reporting Policy

Reports are easy to understand and include graphical representation of vascular anatomy and pathology. These reports are designed to be used as educational tools for referring physicians, their staff and patients to learn about vascular disease. Abnormal study results are phoned to the referring physician immediately. The official report is usually faxed or mailed within 24-48 hours.


By far the most important predictor of quality in any Vascular Lab is the skill and experience of the technologist/sonographer that performs and supervises the examination. Each of our laboratories are staffed or managed by experienced Registered Vascular Technologists, several with more than 10 years and even 20 years of experience.

Testing Equipment and Data Management

The Vascular Laboratory has State of the Art ultrasound and physiologic equipment. Internet connectivity allows cooperation among vascular surgeons and laboratories throughout the city and permits sharing of data for clinical research. Our vascular disease registry allows us to ensure that patients with known vascular disease are followed closely in order to help avoid serious complications (including stroke, amputation and kidney failure.)


PVA has seventeen outpatient locations throughout San Antonio. We also provide in-patient testing for most of the major hospitals throughout the city. If you have questions about our in-patient services, please call (210) 237-4444.

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