PVA Cardiology At Peripheral Vascular Associates - Peripheral Vascular Associates
PVA Cardiology At Peripheral Vascular Associates - Peripheral Vascular Associates

PVA Cardiology At Peripheral Vascular Associates

Service Lines

We are excited to announce that PVA is launching a new service line, PVA Cardiology. In January 2022, Dr. J.D. Martinez– a local, board-certified cardiologist with many years of experience- merged his practice with PVA and joined the team at our Downtown office. Dr. Martinez will continue serving patients under PVA Cardiology at his Southside clinic (now PVA’s SW Military location). As of February 3rd, he has begun offering appointments to patients at our Downtown office.

Vascular surgeons and cardiologists have always relied on each other’s expertise in order to fully evaluate our patients. After all, the arteries can’t function without the heart – just like the heart can’t function without the arteries. By merging cardiac and vascular services- two sides of the same coin- this move bridges the gap in PVA’s long held vision of offering truly complete and comprehensive state-of-the-art care for the entire circulatory system. The addition of this new service line will help further pursue our standards in patient-centered care as we strive for early detection, management, treatment and prevention of cardiac and vascular diseases, which often see overlap in their medical conditions.

This exciting partnership was developed in response to a growing need within the community for comprehensive vascular services. Having such will allow us to better serve our patients’ needs by offering a larger range of services, now encompassing state-of-the-art care for the entire circulatory system, with greater convenience and accessibility to shared expertise. Under PVA Cardiology, patients will now have an opportunity to streamline care for both their cardiovascular and vascular disease. We’ll be able to better serve their needs by offering access to a larger scope of services and expertise, and acting quickly to facilitate them, for greater convenience and improved health outcomes.

Expertise In The Management Of:

  • Circulatory problems in the heart and legs
  • Abnormal heart rhythms
  • Heart failure
  • Management of congenital heart problems
  • Medicine for prevention of heart and vascular disease
  • Hypertension (High blood pressure)
  • Abnormal Lipids (high cholesterol)


New diagnostic services at PVA will include outpatient Echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart), Electrocardiograms (EKG), stress tests, vascular ultrasounds, nuclear imaging, as well as Thallium tests provided by one of the best scanners on the market. For patients who do not already have a cardiologist, cardiology clearance will now be available in a quick and efficient manner, helping expedite patient care and their appointment requests.

Team Approach

Dr. Martinez will add cardiology to PVA’s roster when he joins our multidisciplinary team, which is comprised of prosthetics, wound care, podiatry, vascular surgeons, physician assistants and nurses. The renowned collaborative approach taken by PVA’s multispecialty team allows our physicians to address and care for the totality of each patient’s vascular and now cardiovascular health, diagnosing and treating them in a quick, thorough, and efficient manner. Having this team approach allows PVA Cardiology to communicate directly with your vascular doctor, working together to identify symptoms and medical concerns as soon as they arise, for a seamless continuum of care. PVA will continue to work with other cardiologists throughout the city, as well.

PVA Physicians

We are honored to serve our community as a trusted resource in circulatory care for over 45 years. PVA remains committed to our mission: to continually work with our physician colleagues in the management of any vascular problem, to provide education to the community about vascular disease, and to maintain our position as the leader in vascular and now cardiac care. We pride ourselves on the dedicated and passionate team we have built under our renowned culture as a values-driven organization- one that is devoted to quality and excellence. We are honored to serve our community as a trusted resource in circulatory care for over 45 years.

PVA physicians welcome referrals from patients, therapists, community agencies, hospital discharge planners, insurance companies, physicians, and any other health care professional.

You may request an appointment or contact us for more information via our website by calling (210) 92-HEART.

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