The Power of PVA in the Community - Peripheral Vascular Associates
The Power of PVA in the Community - Peripheral Vascular Associates

The Power of PVA in the Community


As the need for expert care in vascular medicine grows, Peripheral Vascular Associates answers the call as a visionary group that provides complete, convenient and exceptional vascular care in San Antonio and throughout South Texas. Today, patients with vascular disease can count on a team of dedicated vascular surgeons and specialists to always put the needs of the patient, and the community, first.

David Mozersky was completing his General Surgery Residency at the University of Washington in the fall of 1970 when he met Ted Wolf in a lab course covering vascular diagnostic testing.

Under the guide of vascular surgeon and visionary Gene Strandness, Dr. Mozersky and Dr. Wolf studied and collaborated together, hoping to one day advance the vascular medical community with innovative procedures, techniques, and lab technologies.

Bringing Vascular Care Resources to Your Community

In 1975, Dr. Mozersky opened the first practice in San Antonio dedicated to peripheral vascular surgery and vascular laboratory testing. Around this time, Dr. Wolf was finishing his Vascular Surgery Fellowship at the University of Washington in Seattle. A mentor close to him informed him that former classmate Dr. David Mozersky was in need of a partner for his vascular practice in San Antonio.

In early 1977, the two found themselves working together once again, this time to open the second PVA clinic situated in the Oak Hills Building of the Medical Center in Northwest San Antonio.

Throughout the next two decades, the PVA team worked to solidify the practice’s services and to establish a name for themselves across the city. The doctors saw an ever-growing need for arterial surgery and diagnostic testing for vascular disease. They also sought to close the gap in awareness of peripheral vascular disease and risk factors associated with vascular disease.

Then, as the vein practice matured, the vascular surgeons were able to expand their services to wholly encompass traditional surgical procedures, endovascular procedures, and innovative treatment options.

The community began to see the new benefits of the vascular clinics popping up in the Medical Center, Northwest San Antonio, Downtown, Northeast and Stone Oak communities of San Antonio. Many were learning about and even struggling with vascular-related complications, such as peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and other arterial issues. The expansion of clinics across the city brought them closer to providing the care needed.

If PVA could address these issues by expanding clinics to communities in need across the South Texas region, how many lives could they help, or even save?

Your Trusted Team of Vascular Surgeons

The achievements of PVA have been driven by our mission to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art care to each and every one of our patients. This resolute focus has allowed us to offer a complete range of vascular care services in a patient-first approach unparalleled by other vascular surgery groups in the United States.

Providing innovative and trusted resources for the various needs of our patients are at the foundation of PVA’s growth and success. Such resources include our non-invasive Cath lab suites and an in-office prosthetics department, each designed to change the way patients view vascular and prosthetics care.

For example, our cutting edge Cath lab suites enable our vascular surgeons to use the most advanced technology to perform minimally invasive procedures traditionally only performed in hospitals. Bringing these office-based interventional suites to our Medical Center and Downtown locations have allowed us to streamline our process for treating patients. Patients can now access appropriate testing, receive a personalized treatment plan and go through that treatment all in the same day.

Another revolutionary resource that is available to our patients at risk for limb amputation is our Prosthetics department. This department was built with the intention of using the most advanced technology to allow our patients to quickly get back to being mobile. Our prosthetic team works closely with patients during all stages of their treatment process and aims to eliminate delays or complications commonly associated with prosthetic care. In fact, our team approach means that the patient can return to their active lifestyle and receive the quality follow-up care that they deserve.

Continued Evolution Throughout the Community

Creating lifelong relationships with our patients, their families, and our employees is one of the most important features of the PVA vision. Our team works closely with patients during all stages of their treatment process and because we maintain a patient-first approach, we are able to continue setting the bar for premier vascular care.

Over the past 42 years, PVA has grown with the pace of our community to continue to meet the needs of patients throughout the region. We now offer vascular care in more than 20 convenient clinics across South Texas, and our 21 vascular surgeons are dedicated to meeting patients’ individual needs with comprehensive and personalized care.

With the help of hundreds of committed P.A.’s, nurses, clinical staff, administrators and many others, Peripheral Vascular Associates has become one of the largest single-specialty vascular groups in the nation.

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