Prosthetic Foundation Board Chair Receives the Baptist Humanitarian of the Year Award


Dr. Demetrios Macris was awarded the Baptist Health System Humanitarian of the Year award for his work with The Prosthetic Foundation, which he founded and serves as the board president.

“Loss of a limb is not only devastating, but a life changing event that forces an individual, and their family, to re-think their approach to daily living,” said Dr. Demetrios Macris, Chairman of The Prosthetic Foundation. “Our goal is to provide amputees the most basic and essential right, which is to walk again.”

It is estimated that 1 in 10 amputees are unable to obtain a prosthesis due to financial difficulty. A large number of people have no insurance or are underinsured, which makes a prosthesis, and the ability to be mobile again, unattainable. Realizing this problem, in 2015 Dr. Macris founded The Prosthetic Foundation which helps underserved amputees obtain a prosthetic limb at no cost to them. The impact of this program has transformed 61 lives since that day.

Dr. Demetrios Macris, Peripheral Vascular Associates
Dr. Demetrios Macris

“A deep desire to help others is at the heart of our calling as physicians,” said Dr. Lynnette Watkins, Chief Medical Officer, Baptist Health System.  “In San Antonio, we are truly blessed to work with physicians who extend their skills and compassion to others in service and mission, whether such invaluable service be in faraway lands or among those who are in need right here in San Antonio such is the case with Dr. Macris.”

Many are not aware of the devastating statistics of diabetes and limb loss that affect our community, here are a few alarming facts:

  • More than 500 Americans lose a limb every day.
  • In 2014, 50,000 Bexar County Residents had diabetes, and among those, approximately 2,000 people lost a limb.
  • The prevalence of diabetes in San Antonio is projected to double or triple by 2050, potentially leading to more amputations?
  • Prolonged wheelchair confinement dramatically increases respiratory and wound complications, risk of pulmonary embolus, and other medical complications.

With this in mind, The Prosthetic Foundation was founded with a mission bridge the gap between the need of a prosthesis and those willing to help restores full mobility and resumption of normal life activities.

Dr. Macris and The Foundation board have made great strides in helping amputees regain their livelihood and have given a voice to those amputees who are most in need.

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