Dr. Macris gave me so much hope! He told me that he could fix this and I didn’t have to live with the pain anymore.

Marjorie’s Story: My Hope Has Been Restored!


Suffering from debilitating leg and foot pain for more than a decade would leave just about anyone feeling discouraged. And to be truthful, San Antonio resident Marjorie Davis was feeling pretty down about her situation.
Marjorie Davis

Multiple doctors, multiple attempts to fix her problems (including a failed surgery), multiple disappointing setbacks describe the years between 2006 and 2018. Marjorie had to retire from her job as a housekeeping manager. She couldn’t walk even a short distance without excruciating pain. “I was beginning to wonder if anything could help me get better,” she admitted.

In 2018, Marjorie saw her podiatrist to have an ingrown toenail removed. At her follow-up appointment, her doctor noticed that it wasn’t healing as well as he thought it should. He wisely referred her to Peripheral Vascular Associates. The next week, Marjorie was seen by Dr. Demetrios Macris and the rest is history.

Hope Restored

“That was just the best day,” said Marjorie. “Dr. Macris gave me so much hope! He told me that he could fix this and I didn’t have to live with the pain anymore.”

Marjorie already knew she suffered from Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). But the doctor who diagnosed her with it all those years ago (a cardiologist – heart specialist) was unable to get the condition under control.

What impressed Marjorie the most was Dr. Macris’ commitment to spend as much time with her explaining her condition as she needed to understand it and to feel comfortable. “He was happy to teach me about my condition and the treatment he recommended,” said Marjorie. “It made me feel so good to know he cared and that he felt he could help.”

Marjorie underwent surgery on her left leg to remove plaque and re-route some arteries to allow more blood flow to her foot. She began to improve immediately. A few weeks later, Dr. Macris performed the same procedure on her right leg, again, restoring much-needed blood flow.

“The difference is incredible,” said Marjorie, with emotion. “I can’t believe he was able to figure it out and do for me what could have, should have been done years ago.”

PAD is a Sneaky Disease but a Vascular Specialist Will Have its Number

Marjorie’s referral to PVA was the game-changer for her. Why? PVA is comprised of a team of 20 experienced vascular surgeons dedicated to circulatory system disorders as they relate to arteries and veins. Vascular surgeons manage veins and arteries in every part of the body except the brain (neurosurgeons) and the heart (cardiovascular surgeons). In other words, they know the ins-and-outs of PAD more intricately than any other type of doctor.

PAD is a relatively common medical condition where a buildup of plaque, due to something called atherosclerosis, makes it difficult for blood to circulate through the arteries. Over time, the arteries can become so narrow that it is difficult for blood to bring oxygen to the muscles, tissue and organs. Clots can form when plaque breaks off and enters the bloodstream. PAD primarily affects the legs, but can also damage arteries in the kidneys, abdomen, feet, ankles, pelvis, hips, buttocks and arms.

PAD Risk Factors:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure and high cholesterol levels
  • Heart disease
  • Smoking
  • Family history of heart or vascular disease
  • Overweight (Body Mass Index over 30)
  • Lack of exercise and/or sedentary lifestyle
  • Over 70 years old (or over 50 if you also smoke and/or have diabetes)

PAD Treatments

Reducing risk factors, including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, losing weight and smoking cessation are often the first steps in the management of PAD. If these measures fail to improve the condition enough, angioplasty or stenting may be performed to improve circulation. For more advanced cases, surgical bypass or endarterectomy may be necessary to improve blood flow. Rest assured, the vascular specialists at PVA will take into consideration each patient’s anatomy, symptoms and risks carefully before creating an individualized treatment plan.

Marjorie was absolutely delighted with the care she has received at PVA and takes every opportunity to tell friends and family about her life-changing experience. “When I think about all the people out there suffering like I was and not knowing if it’s ever going to get any better, I want to tell them all to go see the PAD doctors at PVA!” she said. “I have so much faith in them and their whole team. They are just outstanding.”

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