Honoring the Deep Roots of PVA During San Antonio’s Tricentennial - Peripheral Vascular Associates
Honoring the Deep Roots of PVA During San Antonio’s Tricentennial - Peripheral Vascular Associates

Honoring the Deep Roots of PVA During San Antonio’s Tricentennial


While the city celebrates the anniversary of 300 years of history this year, San Antonio’s Tricentennial gives us the opportunity to look deeper and more thoughtfully into our past.

If you have ever lived in or visited San Antonio, you know that the city has a long and rich history. The generations of history in this city weave a colorful quilt of family stories, heirlooms, myths and controversy.

The birth of San Antonio is affectionately referred to as “El Nacimiento”, citing the 1718 expedition which founded San Antonio’s Mission San Antonio de Valero (the chapel of this mission later became the Alamo), Presidio de Bexar (Spanish Governor’s Palace) and the Villa de Bexar, as well as other historical landmarks.

What is well-regarded as the beginning of life and civilization- the inauguration of legacy and heritage- in the general San Antonio area, began with the establishment of the first settlements by Canary Islanders, Coahuiltecan Indians, Franciscan Spanish Friars, Spanish Presidio Soldiers and other native peoples.

One of the earliest founding families in the series of Spanish settlements between 1718 through the 1730s, are the ancestors of our very own vascular surgeon and President of Peripheral Vascular Associates (PVA), Dr. Jeffrey Martinez. As a descendant of one of the 16 founding families in San Antonio, Dr. Martinez is dedicated to preserving and telling the story of his ancestors and their impact during the Spanish Colonial era of San Antonio.

In this spirit, Dr. Martinez was involved in the “El Nacimiento” Tricentennial event on March 10, 2018. Musicians, advocates, generations of family members, and members of the 1718 San Antonio Founding Families and the Canary Islands Descendants Association gathered at the Main Plaza in downtown San Antonio for a thrilling presentation of The Birth of San Antonio.

Members of these organizations were dressed like the original 16 families who first arrived at the “Presidio San Antonio de Bexar on March 9, 1731”. The impressive procession flowed through the Spanish Governor’s Palace, with those representing Native Americans, Spanish Presidio Soldiers, Spanish Friars, and Canary Islanders.

Mari Tamez, president of Canary Islands Descendants Association stated that the purpose of the event “was to portray all the various building blocks of San Antonio that combined 100-plus years before the Battle of the Alamo”.

“These folks were doing the hard work to make sure that by the time the Alamo did occur, that it was somewhere that people were willing to live and die for,”

– Mari Tamez

That illustrates well the reason why the “El Nacimiento” event is a special celebration for Dr. Martinez, his family, and the city of San Antonio. Dr. Martinez’s involvement in the Founding Families legacy group is the foundation for what he brings to PVA as President and senior vascular surgeon. He underscores PVA’s care for patients, and involvement with the community, with the same code of tradition and heritage his family upholds. PVA is proud to also have deep roots in the history of San Antonio, and we celebrate that this year.

PVA’s Roots in San Antonio

PVA is excited to celebrate San Antonio’s Tricentennial because we are able to reflect on the impact and growth of our vascular surgery practice in the community of San Antonio over the past 42 years.

Dr. David Mozersky founded Peripheral Vascular Associates in 1975. Today, he is still a practicing physician between PVA and our vein clinic practice, Veintec. Like Dr. Martinez, he too shares a deep appreciation for tradition and staying true to the heart of the community.

The Tricentennial also offers us a chance to look forward to many years of contributing to the city’s rich history and legacy. Dr. Mozersky has built our vascular practice on a ‘Continuity of Care’ approach with a focus on building long-term relationships with patients and understanding their individual needs.

Fostering this approach leaves a lasting legacy of PVA’s contribution to communities, starting with San Antonio and expanding throughout the South Texas region. In this way, the growth and success of PVA is a result of putting tradition, legacy, and the community at the core of our practice.

Tricentennial as a Year of Success

During the year of the Tricentennial, we are honoring the legacy of PVA for our deep roots and history in the city of San Antonio. We also celebrate new milestones that have been achieved. Last summer, we opened our newest office downtown, a beautifully renovated medical plaza on Main Avenue. In January, we began offering the innovative TCAR procedure as a surgical treatment option for patients with carotid artery disease at a high-risk for stroke. As one of the first vascular surgery groups in the state to offer this procedure, we are proud to make a name for the city of San Antonio as a city dedicated to the treatment of vascular disease.

Most recently, our first office in Eagle Pass opened in early March. This expansion shows our dedication to addressing the needs of people in a community where those with vascular disease go underserved.

Throughout 2018, join PVA in celebrating our deep roots in San Antonio. Because of Dr. Mozersky and Dr. Martinez’s commitment to honoring tradition, heritage, and legacy, our practice has a strong foundation to offer the best care to each and every one of our patients.

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