Who is Dr. Michael Peck, M.D?


Most of Dr. Peck’s patients know him as a vascular physician that has been practicing at Peripheral Vascular Associates since 2011 but did you know he is originally from New Jersey. Dr. Peck grew up on the east coast in Towaco, N.J., and went to school at the University of Pennsylvania. After which he attended medical school at Rutgers in New Brunswick, N.J. From there Dr. Peck left the cold weather of the east coast to complete his residency in “The Golden State” at the University of California Irvine. Then to complete his medical training Dr. Peck transferred back to the east coast and completed his fellowship at University of Massachusetts.

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“We are the specialists who offer all the treatment options for vascular disease.” – Dr. Peck

Before starting at PVA Dr. Peck served in U.S. Air Force at which time he served three tours of duty including Iraq, Qatar, and Afghanistan. Upon conclusion of his duty Dr. Peck decided to stay in the beautiful city of San Antonio, Texas and joined one of the largest and most well-respected vascular surgery groups in the country –  Peripheral Vascular Associates (PVA).

When asked why vascular surgery, Dr. Peck has a number of reasons but at the top of his list was “Relationships.” Vascular surgeons do far more that just surgery. In most cases, vascular conditions are chronic and often afflict more than one part of the body. Because of this, Dr. Peck will often form strong bonds not only with the patients but also with their families.

In Dr. Peck’s spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife, jogging, and playing tennis. The best advice he has for not meeting him at work is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and listen to your body. Don’t ignore signs and symptoms that tell you something’s not right. Dr. Peck hopes you don’t have to see him for treatment but if you do know that the PVA physicians are some of the top doctors in the South Texas area and they will ensure you are getting the best treatments available.

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Source: Life in Hill Country Village (August 2018)
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