About PVA - Peripheral Vascular Associates
About PVA - Peripheral Vascular Associates

About PVA


Peripheral Vascular Associates is the largest single specialty vascular surgery group in the state of Texas.

As vascular experts, we offer a complete range of peripheral vascular services to restore circulation throughout the body. Our commitment is to incorporate the most advanced testing technologies, techniques and training to ensure that we fully and accurately diagnose and treat your peripheral vascular disorder.

About PVA

Founded in 1975, Peripheral Vascular Associates (PVA) is the largest single specialty vascular groups in Texas. Our team of physicians, medical providers, staff, and administrators all work together to ensure that we provide the best vascular care for every patient, every day. We are committed to providing complete and comprehensive state of the art care to the residents of San Antonio and South Texas. Our mission is to continually work with our physician colleagues in the management of any vascular problem, to provide education to the community about the risk factors associated with peripheral arterial disease (PAD), and to maintain our position as the leader in vascular care.

Our Physicians

A Vascular surgeon is not merely a subspecialist who occasionally performs procedures on the legs. Every physician at PVA has completed a full 5 year general surgery residency followed by a fellowship totally dedicated to vascular surgery. There are less than 3000 Vascular Surgeons practicing in the United States (less than 0.4% of all physicians). Vascular surgeons are the only doctors in The United States specifically trained to provide a full range of treatment options associated with peripheral arterial disease (PAD). These treatment options include medical management, exercise therapy, minimally invasive endovascular therapy using balloons and stents, and traditional open surgical procedures. Your treatment plan will be designed specifically for your symptoms with the assurance of the best outcome for your condition. With 20 physicians and dozens of convenient clinic locations located throughout South Texas, appointments and procedures can be scheduled with a minimal delay, often within 24 hours.

Why Choose PVA?


PVA believes that our team must meet our patients’ individual needs by providing a comprehensive, personalized evaluation as well as discussing all treatment options available. Our staff takes the time to know you and work with you and your family throughout every step of your treatment process. Each clinic provides a full range of vascular testing services through our nationally accredited IAC (formerly ICAVL) vascular ultrasound laboratories. We are committed to providing the highest quality vascular imaging to ensure that your test results are accurate.


The PVA noninvasive lab performs testing daily in hospitals and clinics at all of our locations. Results are immediate and the procedures are risk free. Same day procedure availability is usually possible. Another service we offer our patients is access to our office based intervention suites. These Cath Lab suites enable our surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures within the comfort and convenience of our own offices. Utilizing the most advanced technology in Vascular medicine, our surgeons are now able to perform procedures in our Cath lab that were traditionally only performed in a hospital setting. In some cases, insurance plans will allow for you to have the option of same day procedures that will coincide with your physician appointment. This option allows you to be evaluated by our physician, have the appropriate ultrasound testing, receive a detailed treatment plan and go through that treatment all on the same day.


For some patients who have undergone amputation, PVA has developed a resource unparalleled anywhere in The United States. The PVA Prosthetic department was designed to change the way people receive prosthetic care. By utilizing the most advanced technology available, our patients able to quickly return to walking. The PVA prosthetic team is the source for the RAPID-fit system in San Antonio and South Texas. Our in-office Prosthetic department uses technology to allow for same day casting and fitting, which results in patients walking within a few hours. They system is coordinated by PVA Physicians and our Prosthetists who work closely with the patient during all stages of the treatment process. The PVA prosthetic experts can often custom fit your prosthesis in just one day giving you the freedom from frustrating delays associated with traditional prosthetic care. Our team approach means you can return to your active lifestyle faster and receive individualized follow up care that you deserve.

Continuity of Care

All patients receive follow up care so we can help with all vascular problems and at any stage of the disease process while working to prevent future problems. In many cases, this means lifelong relationships between the patients, their family and our employees. Once you become a PVA patient, you will never need to worry about where you can go for help.

For over 45 years, PVA has offered routine follow up care, 24/7 emergency consultation and intervention. Day or night, rain or shine – for life threatening or limb threatening emergencies, we are always available.

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